Dr. Daniel Lombardo

I have know Colin for two years. During this time, Colin has become a close friend, a mentor and a master networker. His selfless attitude and motivation to help others achieve their dreams are rare to find in today's society. Through his guidance and support, I have been able to personally develop into an influential speaker who is helping others achieve their goals. I am extremely grateful for Colin sharing his networking pearls of wisdom.

Damien Ganzer

I have Known Colin James for around 4 to 5 years and as I would like to say he's a true professional. Col is the one of the rarest of all people he actually cares about how people are, he has a rough edge to himself but this is the 20 year of army training, but he actually knows how to help others he has become resourceful in knowing how to get the right people around businesses that struggle. He's aiming to be a Master networker and if he keeps to the path of his strengths and Character he will get there.

Janet Cheeseman

Colin James is a straight shooter (literally, after his time in the Australian Army). And that is a compliment. Few people these days tell you 'like it is'. He has overcome great adversity through his 20 years' military service, and his story of how he beat illness and depression (the 'black dog' he calls it) is not only amazing but heartening! He and his wife Gail have helped so many people achieve great health and a rewarding ongoing income with USANA. It is a privilege to have them as friends and crossline colleagues.