Mentor to the Direct Sales Professional

Mentoring people so they will Succeed with Business and can become the person they want to be.

Offices in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide.


The Click! Colours Discovery Cards represent the next generation of personality tools and offer a better, faster, cheaper and easier way to help people and teams understand and value diversity in their organisations.

Club 20

This is an invitation only event, where guest speakers motivate and entertain the audience.


Club 20 is all about personal growth and understanding how to take the next step in life.

Keynote Speaker

Colin is an entertaining speaker, taking his life experiences with problems and how to overcome them by staying motivated.

Reducing the risk of Disease

We are not Doctors, we do not diagnose Disease and we do not treat Disease. We would just prefer that you did not get the Disease.


Building your Network

Colin has built a Network of Friends, Businesses and Professionals. Colin's ethos is "How can I help you" and "No strings attached". If you are teachable, Colin can help you build your network too.