Poetry by Col

The Range

As I sit and wait at the end of a long hot day,
I look at the beauty around me,
How so much beauty can survive in such a hostile place astounds me.

The hills about me roll down to a dam filled with precious water,
The hills are covered with a lushes’ green coat of grass,
That looks so soft and inviting,
But under the grass is the harsh broken and rocky ground of the range.

As the sun slowly sinks and the shadows are cast,
The hill shapes change,
Becoming even softer and more beautiful.

The birds sing in the distance and peace settles on the range,
Until once again the firing starts and the anger returns.

C. N. James

My Love, My Wife

It was a day,
The day my life changed;
The day I met you.

It was a day,
The day my understanding of joy changed;
The day I met you.

It was a day,
The day I understood I could love again;
The day I met you.

It was a day,
The best day of my life;
The day I met you.

It was a day,
The day my life began;
The day I met you…

To My wife, Gail on the occasion of our tenth weeding anniversary.
Love Col.

C. N. James

Missing You

Each day seems like a week without you,
Each night is endless without you,
I seem to spend all night looking for you,
I call your name in the night but you do not answer.

The scent of your hair lingers,
Your voice echoes in my mind,
Your beautiful face is there when I close my eyes.

How my heart races when I think of you,
Oh I miss you my love,
I pine every second I am without you,
I am lost without you,
I love you.

C. N. James

What is Love?

How my heart longs for love,
But what is love?

Is it sharing feelings and thoughts,
Or doing things together?

Is it thinking about each other when you’re apart?
But isn’t that friendship too?
I can’t tell,
Maybe they are the same thing.

Love is so wonderful,
Love makes your heart sing just thinking of her,
When you are with the one you love nothing but nothing else in the world matters.

That is love, nothing else matters.

C. N. James

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